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Monday, June 22, 2015

Can You Turn Coach Into First Class?

A coach seat for a flight that is three hours or less is not a terribly bad ordeal but flying economy for those long endurance treks can make for a great deal of discomfort. There are all sorts of gadgets and contraptions though that have been designed and marketed to try to make those flights bearable. At least that is what they would have you believe.

We've all seen the popular neck pillows. Some are full of micro beads and others are inflatable but all feel like an extra thick turtle neck sweater made to keep your head from flopping. I haven't found one that's comfortable yet but Bob seems to do well with them. But wait, there's lots more!

There are also several forms of the butt cushion. Inflatable or with memory foam this cushion is said to relieve the stress from your tailbone. They range in price from $30-70.

Then there are the "first class footrests". These are collapsible or inflatable and raise your feet to a more comfortable level. (You mean that's not what my backpack's for?)

And there's more! How about an air purifier to wear around your neck that keeps dangerous viruses, bacteria and dust out of your personal breathing space. Or a personal fan so you can shut off the plane's personal air vent and circulate the air around you.

The one thing I did find that seems to have possibilities was a package of instant washcloths. They look like Alka Seltzer tablets that, when immersed in water, puff up to a full sized washcloth that's disposable. Now all you have to do is be able to get an attendant to bring you water at no charge.

The last item I found though would take some very strong personalities to wear who never worry about appearances or frightening little children. It's called the Ostrich Pillow. There are several versions but the one most likely to create nightmares for your fellow passengers is the one that completely covers your head. Yup. Definitely not on my Christmas list.

[If you really must, you can find these items at Magellan's or Banana Studio.]

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