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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lake Erie's Put In Bay

For those of us who live in the Great Lakes area, Put In Bay on South Bass Island is a great place to visit. For that matter, any of the Erie islands are a fun place. Some offer more quiet than others but South Bass has a great little town as well as places to find quiet and some great fishing.

Our kids were going to spend some time with family on the island and we went up for a day to get some more time with the grandkids before they moved on to visit their other grandparents. A little drive time and a short ferry ride and we were there. We rented a golf cart at the top of the hill from the ferry dock. It's always a fun way to tool around the island.

Our first stop was The Goat, a restaurant that has a great menu and our favorite, fish tacos. We have had fish tacos in lots of places around the world but none compare to these. They're made with perch and their sauce is wonderful. Our family joined us and we got caught up with the ones we hadn't seen for a while.

After that, it was off to see some sights and tell some good stories. After all, we told the grandkids, this is where it all started. Where grandma and grandpa met. I think it might have been a little over their heads--especially when we pointed out "our tree." Our grandson wanted to know if we'd carved our initials in it.

"No," I told him and reminded him that the Perry Monument was national park territory. He'd already been briefed on his trip through the Smokey Mountains about the fines for picking flowers in a national park. "Besides, if we had carved our initials in this tree it might not have lived this long." Our tree had been around for at least 50 years and it was a good sized tree back then.

A trip to the top of the monument that was now free of scaffolding after a major renovation project and then we were off to visit the island caves. I'm not sure the grands got the significance of Perry's Cave where it is said they stored ammunition and hid from the British but they were amazed at its size.

The day ended all too quickly for us and we headed quickly back to the ferry to try to beat the gathering storm coming in. Our golf cart had a top but no windshield. We knew what would happen if we didn't beat the rain. Been there. Got wet. We made it in time and sat inside on the ferry as the rain washed over and passed by.

Lots of good memories at Put In Bay. We'd just made some more.

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