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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In My Backyard - Pond Life

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to find fun and entertainment. Our backyard pond has provided a lot as it has come awake this spring and now into summer. We relocated a turtle to our pond that our grandkids and their mother had rescued and taken care of until it got too big for its tank. We lost track of it as the lilies grew. Once in a while we would see its head between the leaves but then we figured it was either hiding from us or had taken off for the small lake across the creek from us.

We were out walking one night and got about a quarter mile down the road in our development and Bob spotted a turtle in the middle of the road truckin' along. He picked him up and scolded him for being out where he could get run over. The turtle, before pulling into its shell looked the same size and coloring as Snappy but there was not way we thought he could be that far from home.

Back home we put him on a rock next to the pond and he finally slipped into the water after much thought and a lot of looking around. We figured all was well and maybe Snappy would have a friend but then when we looked out our window we saw the turtle making a beeline across the lawn toward the creek. I didn't know turtles could move so fast.

Now we wonder if that was actually Snappy and he'd decided to relocate. Okay, as long as he stays out of the street.

Meanwhile, Bob looked out the window the other day and found a tiny turtle sunny himself on one of the rocks! Snappy hasn't been around long enough for it to be any of his progeny. It's a mystery. We haven't seen any evidence of a turtle nest but the little guy seems too small to have come from anywhere else. Bob is just happy that the pond is worthy to be considered home.

So now we have lots of frogs. We've counted at least a dozen small ones, several large tadpoles with legs and we can hear a big bullfrog but haven't seen him yet. And I was happy to see a pink lily bloom. I was worried they hadn't survived the long winter.

All that is left now is to restock with some gold comets. With any luck, the blue heron won't stop in for lunch for a while.

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