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Monday, June 15, 2015

State Fairs - They're Not Just For The Midwesterners

The end of July marks the beginning of State Fair season for most of us in the Midwest. Our Ohio State Fair is July 29-August 9 this year. The Midwest is known for its agriculture. As you drive through Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, etc., you find acres of corn, beans and many other crops as well as dairy farms or farms raising other livestock.

What I did not realize was there were some state fairs in areas of the country I would never have expected. Alaska, for one. August 27- September 7 are the dates for the state fair that is held in Palmer which is a little northeast of Anchorage. There have been some record breaking sized vegetables grown and displayed there.

Kentucky has always been known for their horse farms but they also have a state fair in Louisville that features the usual livestock and produce as well as concerts and the other usual fair activities. Their dates are August 20-30 this year. And yes, there's a world class horse show too.

What bigger? Go to Texas where everything is bigger including the giant cowboy mascot which is 55 feet tall. It's also the longest running from September 25 - October 18. Almost a whole month! The fair grounds are located in the Dallas area.

And who would guess that Arizona would have a state fair? When I think of Arizona, I think of desert more than farm land but their fair in Phoenix is October 16 - November 8. They have actually been having a fair since before Arizona was a state!

I'm thinking a themed road trip: State Fairs.

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