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Monday, June 01, 2015

USS Cod - WWII Submarine

One of the gems of the Cleveland shoreline is the USS Cod, a WWII era GATO class submarine. After our visit to the Great Lakes Science Center, we walked the short distance to it, passing through the lobby of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame to admire a couple of exhibits you didn't have to buy a ticket to see.

I had been through the Cod once before so I volunteered to stay with our youngest (10 months old) and wait for the others on shore. They had a great time exploring.

The Cod was launched March 21, 1943 and patrolled the Pacific. She was engaged in warfare several times as indicated by the flags on the side of the submarines's tower but as I sat there playing with my granddaughter, I wondered at the martini glass painted on the side. A little research back home and I had the answer.

One of the Cod's most noted encounters was a submarine to submarine rescue, the only one recorded in history. On July 8, 1945, the Cod arrived at Ladd Reef in the South China Sea to help the Dutch submarine O-19. They were stuck on a coral outcropping. When efforts to pull the sub off failed, the Dutch sailors were loaded onto the Cod and then the O-19 was scuttled with a few good shots.

The Cod was home to 153 men for two and a half days until they were able to safely deliver the Dutch sailors to the Subic Bay naval base. When the Cod returned to their home port of Perth, Australia, the crew of the O-19 were awaiting them and a celebration ensued. During the party, word of the Japanese surrender came. Thus on the conning tower and their flag, there is a large martini glass.

The kids and adults enjoyed climbing through all the hatches and even trying out the bunks. Being Memorial Day it was a great reminder that what we have today came with a price, sometimes a great price.

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