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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Charge! Wirelessly

Okay, I admit it. I can't keep up with the technology. I am constantly finding out my devices can do so much more than I realized. More than half of what they are capable of I probably would never use anyway but now I've discovered one that just might help me out as I travel.

Have you ever noticed all the people surrounding the large poles in an airport that have outlets at the base? The clusters of people plugged into outlets along the walls?  Or people playing musical chairs  in the airports that have made more accommodations at the charging bars where you can plug in and charge your devices? There are even places in many airplanes where you can plug in now.

Along comes wireless charging and many airports are beginning to offer that as well. I'm not sure how much better that's going to be. I checked out the process after I discovered that my iPhone 8 has the capability to charge wirelessly. You can actually buy a wireless charger to use at home and you just set your phone on top of it to charge. The glass backing allows the charging to take place in whatever magical form technology has created there.

Moving on to the airport stations though. I see just as much of a problem since your phone has to rest on the spot where the charging can take place. There would still be a limited amount of space available so overcrowding could still be a problem. Not only that but setting your phone down on the charger will require you to keep a constant eye on it. I have a feeling it would be easier to swipe a phone that's not attached by a cord to an outlet.

My other problem with the whole thing is that I would most likely have to remove the case my phone is in each time that I want to charge it. That's not an easy process for me. (Remember, I'm getting older.) When I checked out the instructions for wireless charging on the Apple help site, it said that there shouldn't be anything between the back of your phone and the charging pad.

I'm an old fashioned girl. I think I'll just find a spot to plug in and charge ahead.

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