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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Save On That Dream Vacation!

TripAdvisor, our go-to site for checking on destinations, things to do, hotels and restaurants, has come up with a list of nine dream destinations and when to visit them to save as much as 52% on hotels and even on airfare.

Going to destinations on the off season but still on the cusp of good weather is the best way to get a great vacation for a cheaper price. Sometimes finding what the off season is may be a little difficult but with a little online surfing you can usually find your destination and determine when that is.

Our trip to Iceland was on the back end of the season there, September-October. Yes, it was a little chilly and there was a little rain now and then but it was also a time when the Northern Lights were coming into their best season. Some of the places we stayed were closing soon after we left. There wasn't any downside to that. We still got full service and happy staff because the busy season was winding down.

Cruising is also more economical if you check out the schedules of the ships and catch a cruise on the end of the season and they are ready to reposition. If you don't mind days at sea, trans-ocean cruises are a good bargain and even though there are fewer ports of call, you can still enjoy relaxing days on the ship.

Check out the information on the TripAdvisor Luxury For Less Guide. Maybe you'll find your dream vacation there.

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