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Friday, June 01, 2018

Packing Tips: Zip It!

As we get ready to pack for another trip my mind turns to ways of economizing space and having less luggage. We don't do too badly. I think our years of experience have taught us some things, others we've learned from observation or travel articles. I ran across one by Anne McDermott called Sit & Zip. Here's how it works.

Buy gallon sized zip lock bags.

Roll your pants, polo shirts, t shirts, etc. into a tight roll.

Put two or three in a bag and then sit on it.

While still sitting, zip the bag shut.

Okay, now I know that requires a bit of coordination not all of us might have but I'm guessing it might be worth a try. Also I'm pretty sure that some shirts, skirts, pants, may not stay wrinkle free or even come close so that might require that you will have access to an iron upon arrival at your destination.

Here's a video for those of you who need a visual picture. Good luck! And don't forget to save those bags for the trip home unless of course you want to buy another suitcase to pack for the return trip.

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