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Friday, June 08, 2018

Finishing One Cruise Bucket List

There are lots of lists floating around the internet. People who say this is the ten best, the twelve best, etc, of any given piece of travel. I love checking off those lists to see if I've done the best but in truth, I really don't care. Those were rated by someone else with different likes and dislikes than I have. This latest list I've run across though is kind of fun. With one more cruise, we will have checked them all off.

The 8 Bucket List Cruises Every Traveler Should Take lists the Mediterranean, Alaska, Hawaii, Christmas Markets, Galapagos, TransAtlantic, Around The World and Cuba. This fall we will check off the last one, Cuba. Whoohoo!

Each of the areas they mention are wonderful. The Mediterranean is fascinating with the history of Europe at your ports of call but also amazing is the blue, blue water--so different than the turquoise of the Caribbean. Alaska with it's wildlife and also wild history is a fun adventure. Hawaii is perfection with weather and landscape but I would prefer French Polynesia for that. The Christmas Markets were unique but for us, a been-there-done-that kind of cruise. Galapagos defies description with its unusual animal and sea life. TransAtlantic cruises are a great way to relax and often offer some wonderful chances to hear good speakers or learn a new skill or just have time to do a lot of reading.  Without a doubt our World Cruise was beyond words--new friends, new places, new foods, undiscovered gems.

I would have added one more of those cruises to the list although some people are a bit wary of it--Antarctica. Crossing the Drake Channel can be a bit rough sometimes but oh, the beauty of the world at the bottom of the globe! Pristine--except of course for all those comical penguins. Fun and beautiful.

With great anticipation we look forward to Cuba. While it wasn't on any original bucket lists of ours because of the travel restrictions, it is now open and we are looking forward to exploring. Our list. Their list. Who cares. Let's set sail!

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