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Monday, January 20, 2020

Asleep In A Giant Guitar

Over the years as we migrate, we pass by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, on our way south to stay in Key Largo for our winter escape. We have stopped on occasion and enjoyed stretching our legs, catching some lunch and enjoying a small mall area that was there.

Just a couple of years ago we began to see places closing and were especially disappointed to find that Johnny Rockets was gone. Then we noticed that construction fences started going up and buildings started coming down. Somewhere along the line we discovered that there was major change coming--a new hotel and entertainment center.

We watched as a giant guitar began to take shape--a guitar that was to become another part of the Hard Rock complex. This year it opened and when we were given the opportunity to be in the area, we had to visit and take a look. It is outstanding.

The guitar hotel can be seen from quite a distance powerfully rising from the flat Florida landscape. It gleams in the sunlight.

Of course we could only get into the lobby and shopping concourse area but it is a beautiful indoor landscape of design. A theater looks to be quite spectacular as well ad the expanded casino area. A dozen or so upscale shops line the retail concourse.

While we still miss Johnny Rockets, the new place is fascinating and has several nice eating places of its own including a fancy food food court. It was fun to check out. Don't know if we'd ever stay but it might be fun to say we slept in a giant guitar.

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