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Thursday, January 23, 2020

South Beach

South Beach, the southern tip of Miami Beach is an iconic place to visit. When one of our sons visited recently, he wanted to see SOBE, a nickname for the place. We decided we would stop on our way to take him to the airport in Fort Lauderdale.

Thankfully it was a cooler day and there was a beautiful breeze blowing off the ocean as he was dressed to return to Seattle. It was difficult to find a parking spot since there was some sort of sidewalk festival going on for the weekend but we eventually found a place that let us park for $10 for an hour. We left the car and headed for the sand.

There is a nice stone and cement boardwalk that runs a good length of the beach and we started out on that dodging bicycles and early morning runners until we found a spot where we could walk out onto the beach. Even though it was early morning, it was already filling up and the spot we chose to view the beach was in front of a hotel that had all its umbrellas set up and ready for beach goers.

Swimmers were already in the water bobbing up and down and the smell of sunblock permeated the air. The sun was already warming the sand and we started back for the shadier boardwalk.

We hadn't been able to drive down Ocean Drive, the street that borders the park along the oceanfront because that's where the street fair was set up. It would have been nice if we had because then he could have seen more of the iconic art deco buildings that South Beach is famous for.

The sun was heating up the pavement of Ocean Drive so we abandoned our walk along the street fair that had a variety of vendors and food booths. We headed closer to the beach where we still at least had a breeze as we found our way back to our car. 

It was a short visit but now our son can say he was there. I don't think it impressed him enough for a return visit to stay longer. He was really searching for a less densely populated beach. That will never be a way to describe South Beach.

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