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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dreaming Of A Cruise?

Most of the country right now is experiencing winter. Some are getting colder than others and some are dealing with more snow than others. This is the time of year many begin to dream about a warm get away like a nice Caribbean cruise. There are always some bargains to be had but be aware there are also many add-ons that could add on to your cost.

Some of the bargain basement cruises may almost double when the cruise taxes and fees are added on. A lot depends upon where your cruise is going and how many/which ports you visit. Each port tacks on its fees for the ship's use of the port. It's a per person charge that is paid for by you when you book the cruise. Leaving from the US will also tack on fees. So be aware that the sale price you see for your cruise will not be the bottom line when you book.

Gratuities are another automatic charge now with most lines. They add up to about $12-15 per person per day. It your sale price does not say that it includes gratuities, you will find them charged to you per day.

Most of the other extras for your cruise can be handled with a little self control. Most cruise lines charge for specialty coffee drinks, sodas, bottled water and alcoholic drinks (including wine if not mentioned in your contract as included). You can save some by buying a drink package but only if you are a big consumer of your drink package. We find it's better to buy as we go. We can't drink enough soda to cover the cost of a package.

Meals of course are included but remember that specialty dining is not. There will be a service charge and may even be an extra charge for some of the things on the specialty dining menu.

Spa packages and services are extra. A mani/pedi will cost you at least twice as much as on shore.

Some onboard activities will cost a little extra as well and of course onshore excursions are almost always an extra cost.

Bottom line is read your contract and/or question your TA so you understand what your cost will be initially so you aren't surprised when the bill comes due.

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