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Monday, January 27, 2020

The Sunset Community

Every night at sunset in our condominium people gather together at the shoreline to watch the sunset hoping that it will be as beautiful as the most spectacular one they've seen in the past. Everyone sips their drink of choice and sometimes enjoys a treat supplied by someone. The questions are debated. Will we see the green flash? Will the sun set behind the clouds? Will the sunset cruise sailboat pass in front of the setting sun just in time for the perfect picture? Will the afterglow be amazing?

The sunset questions are just openers. The conversation can take many turns often involving activities of the day or coming events,. New people arrive and get acquainted with those who have been there for some time. Where are you from? What's it like back home?

I love it when we meet people who love to travel as we do and we can share places we've been and be encouraged to see places yet to be visited.

There is a slight hush as the last few seconds of the sun's appearance for the day fades from view. Cameras and iPhones capture the event.

We linger. There's always a little more conversation to be had. It's a wonderful sense of coming together. A community. It's a beautiful thing--as beautiful as a spectacular sunset.

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