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Monday, May 18, 2015

Cruising Behind The Scenes

While on our world cruise aboard the Crystal Serenity, we were afforded the opportunity of touring behind the scenes. It was a pretty extensive tour and here is a sampling of what we saw. The amazing part was seeing how many more crew members were working behind the scenes not only for the passengers but for the other crew members as well. 

The bakery. They were giving out samples of soft pretzels and rolls.

The crew's cafeteria.
The crew's disco.
The ship's tailor.
My favorite, the florist. She was in a space the size of a walk-in closet.
Okay, now this was amazing. The sheets and pillowcases go in here . . .

 . . .and come out here, pressed and folded!
The printer was recycling old menus by printing inventory lists on the back.
Behind the stage, the entertainers' wardrobe.
And the entertainers' wigs. No wonder we couldn't figure out if they were blondes or brunettes.
Up in the bridge, Bob found the ship's whistle. Glad he didn't push it.
And of course, upon every sail away this CD of Louis Armstrong's It's a Wonderful World played.
In the Safety Briefing room where crew members learn and review safety procedures, we found this chart of Code Words. Bravo is a universal code word for fire no matter what ship you are on. Interesting, but I wondered why the last two didn't have a code word. Our guide said if it got to that it didn't matter any more what the code word was.

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