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Friday, May 29, 2015

Exploring the Great Lakes Science Center

Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center now houses the exhibits from NASA Glenn Space Center and we had not been to see it since it was moved from the airport to downtown. The admission to GLSC covers the Glenn exhibit as well and was the first thing we saw as we entered.

I was amazed at how small the Apollo capsule was. The bottom of it still shows the burned and pockmarked surface from the reentry. Growing up with the space program, it has always been of interest to me. I remember a seventh grade report I did on what men might eat in space. Turned out to be pretty accurate.

Our grandson particularly enjoyed the trip as he is a great observer of the space program. He and his dad watch the NASA channel frequently. When he was quite young, he could name all the stages of the space shuttle as it launched. They even got to see a night time launch once. Sad to see that program stall.

The GLSC is a great place for adults and kids alike. It wasn't crowded the day we went and there was plenty of opportunity to try out all the hands-on stuff.

Entertainment abounded with the Bubble Man who explained what makes bubbles form and showed all sorts of different ways you could make bubbles from soapy water including using a plastic pint container that strawberries come in at the grocery store.

Outside a couple of hours later, two very entertaining ladies showed the Mento and Coke experiment which eventually led to a fountain of Coke about 12 feet high. They tantalized the crowd and built expectations with some liquid nitrogen that eventually led to a huge cloud being formed when they poured warm water into the liquid ice. It was quite a thrilling display.

This was also the first time we'd gone to GSLC in warm weather and the kids got to enjoy the outdoor water displays. What is it with kids and water? They take to it like ducks.

All in all, it was a great morning and afternoon but we left a bit early to make it to our next destination, a submarine!

Girls enjoyed the anti-gravity mirror.

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