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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday Morning Worship - Imitating Jesus

As part of our recent visit to Rio, we took a trip to the top of the mountain that has the iconic statue of Jesus, arms outstretched, overlooking the city below. Several messages in the pose came to mind mostly of Jesus saying “come unto me.” It was said more often than not though that the pose chosen by the artist was done more as a welcome to all to the city of Rio. It was also joked that the statue was in that position ready to clap its hand when Rio stops sinning.

I don’t like crowds and this place was definitely crowded. It was difficult in the small space that is there at the foot of the statue to take pictures. So many people struggle to find enough space to stand in front of the statue and spread their arms in the same pose as Jesus. Oh, if only we would always strive to imitate Jesus, not just in this iconic pose, but in the ways he asked of us. 

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