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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Free Museums

For several years we lived near Washington DC. It was a great location for lots of free things to do the best being the Smithsonian Institution located in the center of the city near all the iconic structures: Washington Monument, Capital Building, etc. The museum consists of 19 separate museums and institutions including the National Zoo.

I remember seeing Dorothy's (Judy Garland) ruby red slippers in what is one of my favorite buildings, the Museum of American History. The Air and Space Museum was another favorite and I can't imagine how much more there is there now since our last visit too many years ago. Hmmm. Maybe another trip is in order.

There are lots of free museums in many places around the world. Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, NZ for one. We spent a good part of one very rainy day exploring it and found it fascinating. Others on the list might include the Nicholson in Sydney, Australia, or the British Museum in London which I understand takes several days to wander through to see it all.

Travel Tip: Check out the museums in the area you are going to visit. A free one just might be a good Plan B to a rainy day or a good Plan A for you museum buffs on a budget.

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