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Friday, May 22, 2015

Postcard From Pitcairn

Back on February 8 the Crystal Serenity was anchored just off of Pitcairn Island, settled by the mutineers of the Bounty. All but a couple of the islanders came aboard ship and talked about their history, their life on the island and sold souvenirs. I found the magistrate who also ran the post office and he was selling Pitcairn postage stamps as well as postcards.

There was a beautiful stamp with the Bounty on it that I purchased to send to someone and then I decided it would be fun to send a postcard to us as well. Unfortunately the ship stamps were gone but he sold me some others.

I filled out the two postcards and handed them over to him and he said with a smile, "You know you will be home long before these arrive, don't you?"

He then went on to explain that the supply ship that would collect their mail wouldn't arrive until March and then it would be a while before it would deposit the mail any where near where it could easily make it to the states. I thought with almost three months left of our cruise surely it would get there before we got home.

Our postcard arrived this week. It's world cruise was as long or longer than ours.

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