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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Small Town, USA

Our frequent trips to Columbus, Ohio, usually take us along the interstates but recently we had the opportunity to get off the interstates and cruise through some of the small towns of Ohio.

Marysville sits on the outskirts of Columbus and has a quaint downtown area. We had a wonderful dinner at Hinckley's, a restaurant  in an old brick mansion on East 5th Street. I'm sure there must be some history there but I wasn't able to find it. Another restaurant, Doc Henderson's, was at the site before Hinckley's and was a popular spot that was closed when the owner retired.

We strolled down the street and Bob's ice cream radar found a spot for our dessert. It seems you can always find a good ice cream shop in a small town.

The towns of DeGraff and West Liberty were also a part of the following day and since they have a little of family history attached we enjoyed wandering through them as well.

Small Town America usually holds great antique shops as well and sometimes some surprising museums and always a little bit of great historical stories told best by those who've lived there longest.

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