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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Anticipating Sea Days

It's been almost a year since we've cruised. That's a long stretch for us but a new knee takes a while to heal and get strong again. I'm more than ready. This upcoming cruise will only be ten days. Long to some but short to us. Still ten days and some very interesting ports are eagerly anticipated.

Along with the port days will be sea days--those days where it takes a full day to get from one port to another. Or as some might expect, a day or two at sea to rest from port activities and as most cruise lines hope, spend money on the ship. Chances are we won't be spending a lot on the ship. We have learned how to budget sea days. There are plans though.

First of all is downloading several books. Finding a cozy corner or sitting on a veranda with a good book is one of my favorite things.

There will be time spent in the gym for me this trip. I need to keep my new knee in shape and am counting on some of the machines and the bicycles to help me with that.

As I researched some of the available activities on our ship (a new cruise line for us to try out) I found several comments about the excellent lectures on Cuba that will be offered. This was our primary reason for taking this particular cruise--to see Cuba before it gets too touristy. I'll look forward to hearing more about its history and culture.

I'm sure there will be several special demonstrations. In the past they've been napkin folding, ice sculpting, cooking or fruit carvings. It's amazing what some of the chefs can do with a watermelon.

Whatever is presented, I know there will be plenty to keep us busy or not busy. Sometimes just sitting and looking out to sea is enough. It's relaxing and you never know when you might see a pod of dolphins or a whale spout or my favorite, flying fish. Can't wait!

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