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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Ohio State - A Trip Down Memory Lane

An invitation came for Ohio State's homecoming weekend for a reunion of some of the Electrical Engineering classes of the 1960s. We couldn't pass it up. Bob wanted to take a trip down memory lane. The event began with a tour of some of the engineering buildings--old and new.

Bob and his brother had fond memories of the motors lab and insisted on that being a part of the tour. The student guide and a professor were more than happy to accommodate them. The stories flew. "Do you remember. . .?" A lot of them involved sparks and some smoke.

One of the most impressive new labs was the high voltage lab. I would love to tell you what all goes on in there but most of the explanation of the things on the tour went over my head. My area of the campus was in the college of education and the art department. They did do a demonstration but anyone with a pace maker, or metal implants was asked to sit out. I stayed outside with two other ladies who had some replacement parts as well. Bob did take a video so I got to see what the impressive electric show was.

Following our tour, we were invited to a dinner at the Mitchell's Fish Market, a really nice restaurant on Olentangy Road. The evening was spent learning more about what everyone had been doing since they graduated. It was quite impressive and the group was involved in a lot of development work in a variety of companies and areas of expertise. Their educations were definitely put to good use.

We didn't get to the tailgate the next day or the football game which Ohio State won against Indiana. The rest of our weekend was spent watching grandkids in softball and marching band. Well worth the trip as well.

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