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Friday, October 26, 2018

Cruise Wardrobe Malfunctions

Perusing the Cruise Critic forums/boards you can not only find great tips and suggestions for your upcoming cruise but you can also get pulled into reading some of the "seedier" comments. What to wear on a cruise or what the dress code is for a particular cruise line always incites a great conversation and lots of stories about what's been seen. And if you've cruised a lot, you've seen a lot.

An article on Cruise Critic cites several no-nos and starts out with nixing Speedos. Now there are some things Speedo makes that aren't bad but take a middle aged to octogenarian and put him in a little Speedo and, well, it's not the nicest thing you've ever seen. And yet those fellows who tend to wear them strut as though they still have their young Adonis bodies.

Now the ladies are not without their bad choices. There's a saying, just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. There should also be one that says just because you wore it when you were a teenager or a twenty-something doesn't mean you can wear it in the golden years. Revealing a bit too much as you lounge around the pool may not be embarrassing to you but it could be disturbing to fellow passengers.

While a lot of ships are getting more casual there are still some guidelines and certainly some common sense that should reign. Bunny slippers at the dinner hour are not the rule and neither are pajamas and robes at breakfast unless you are eating in your room. Those and more have been spotted  and reported on the forums according to the article.

There will always be the person who throws caution to the wind and will display some sort of unusual wardrobe choice. That kind of entertainment is not on the cruise program but it is amusing. Check out the article on What Not To Wear On A Cruise. It'll bring a smile and offer some other suggestions as alternatives.

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