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Monday, October 08, 2018

Baggage Costs--Packing For Less

Once again it looks like all the airlines will be squeezing the traveler with higher baggage costs. Gone are the days when checking luggage was included in your ticket price. In the guise of making ticket costs less, airlines began backing out lots of their services and charging individually for them--baggage being the big ticket item.

With all our travel we have learned to cut back on what we pack but it looks like we may need to get even tighter with our packing list. I remember earlier in our travel experiences when we were standing in line to check our bags and realized the couple in front of us each had a medium sized suitcase and it had a tag on it to indicate they were going on a cruise. We were too but we had two suitcases and a large garment bag.

Bob's curiosity got him. "How is it you only have only two suitcases and you are cruising?" he asked them.

"A while ago," the man said, "we realized we were bringing too many things home that we hadn't used or worn. We decided to put a safety pin on each item for the next trip. If we wore it we took the pin off. If it made it home with a pin still attached, we knew not to take it the next time. It cut our packing in half." He flashed a satisfied grin.

While we didn't go the safety pin route, we did start making note of what we took that didn't get used and planning to do laundry when we could. That has cut down on a lot of extra baggage. Some common sense taught us to buy sample sized toiletries. We don't pack anything that won't be worn more than once and pack more tops than bottoms.

Shoes are tough sometimes but usually it goes with one nice pair if cruising, sneakers and an everyday pair of sandals.

Our next challenge will be to get it all into just one suitcase between the two of us. Wish us luck.

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