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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Disembarkation--A Little Review

It's been a while since we've cruised but now with my new knee in place and rehabbed, it's time to board ship again. Just to make sure I'm not rusty (nothing to do with the knee), I thought I would take a look at the Cruise Critics list of things to remember at disembarkation.

First on their list is to check your bill before you get off the ship. We always do this. As a matter of fact, Bob usually checks half way through the cruise as well. Better to resolve any differences before you leave.

If you are really in love with a photo that was taken by the photographers, be sure to get it before the last morning. It may not be there or the photo shop may not be open on the last morning. The pictures, even if electronically stored will not be there to purchase after you get off the ship.

I know this sounds a little elementary but check the room and recheck the room before you leave it--especially the safe. While we've never left anything in the safe, I have left behind a hair dryer/curling iron and favorite visor because we didn't recheck once. I really miss that dryer.

We always have breakfast before disembarking. After all it's free--make that included. We get up a little earlier if we have to to have time in the dining room to sit down and eat so that we are relaxed before we begin that trip home. You never know what awaits you at the airport.

One of the newer things most cruise lines have established is letting you handle your own luggage on disembarkation which gets you off the ship a little earlier. It's one of the reasons we are careful not to overpack. It sure beats having to leave your luggage outside the door at night and rummaging through the mess on shore to find it. Plus we're out a little earlier to catch a taxi which can sometimes get scarce if the port is really busy.

There are several more points that the article makes. You might want to check it out. It's called What Not To Do At Cruise Ship Disembarkation. 

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