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Friday, October 12, 2018

CLEMET Zoo--Cornstalks and Pumpkins and Ghosts, Oh My!

The tiger is made from bundles of straw.
The hot weather finally over, we took a trip to the zoo for a little exercise. I forgot that Boo At The Zoo was coming but it didn't take long to realize that it was soon to happen. As we started down the trail that leads around the African Savanna a worker smiled at us and said, "Be careful. It's scary down there."

We assured him our hearts were strong and we were brave and we continued on. Not very far along the path we found two witches stirring their brew and chanting. Further on we encountered skeletons, large spiderwebs with hairy spiders and ghosts. The decorating was still going on so I'm not sure how much more would be set up.

Through out the zoo there were plenty of cornstalks with pumpkins and blow-up displays that were ready for inflation. Some lighted displays that were in the shape of animals were also set up. Pumpkins were in some of the exhibits for the animals to have some fun with as well.
Of course we walked our usual route which took us past the Asian Highlands exhibit just in time to see the little snow leopard cubs come out with their momma. They have grown since last we saw them in the summer when they first went on exhibit. They are still playful but not in the same way they were. Guess they are growing into "teenagers".

Momma snow leopard took a post on one of the wooden platforms in the exhibit and kept a wary stare at all the visitors below. From her expression, she was one momma you wouldn't want to cross.

The merkats didn't seem to mind the cooler temperatures. They were busily digging and of course the ever present sentry was perched high and keeping watch to the sky for any danger. They are still my favorite to see.

Our favorite place to have lunch is in the Rainforest Cafeteria and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup. I couldn't pass up the chance at a soft pretzel that turned out to be very fresh and yummy. Bob enjoyed a bowl of chili and we left just as the school kids were coming in to have their lunch.

If you haven't been to Boo At The Zoo consider taking the kids. They were also setting up a row of canopies that appeared to be the area where there would be trick or treating going on. In the large food pavilion there is a hay maze and 4-D movies as well. The event takes place over the next three weekends. Check out the webpage.

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