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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A New Day Dawns

The condo we rent for the winter season faces west to the Florida Bay. I love getting up early enough to watch the sunrise. Yes, in the west--sort of.

You see, even though I'm looking west, the changes as the sun begins to light up the new day are amazing. This particular morning the sky looked a bit dark gray with some large clouds hovering over the water.

As I watched, the water suddenly turned a pinkish color. The gray of the clouds lightened as the water became a bit more pink. Clouds tinged with pink just before beginning to turn to their fluffy white color.

Suddenly the sky began to take on the beautiful blue sky color to frame the clouds that now had no gray color but were a bit tinged with yellow from the sun that I was sure was rising behind me to the east.

No one paints a morning sky like a God who attends to every detail. As a new day dawns, a new year begins. And I am convinced that God will continue to be in every detail.

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