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Monday, January 28, 2019

Some Thoughts On Safety As You Travel

While we have not fallen victim to a pickpocket or a scam, we have been approached and tested. My first pickpocket incident was in Paris. I was wearing a fanny pack which was supposed to be a safe way to carry valuables. A lady with newspapers draped over her arm approached me and indicated that she wanted to sell me a paper. I kept shaking my head and saying "no" and thinking how can she not understand that in any language. I don't like people in my personal space and when she got too close I backed away, stomped my foot and gave a much more forceful "no!" When I did I realized my fanny pack had already been opened and she was only a moment away from grabbing its contents. The kicker was that I had had trouble myself getting the zipper opened and closed and yet she did in the space of seconds without me even noticing as the newspapers covered her clever maneuvers.

Another time, again in Paris, we were approached with a scam we recognized from one of Rick Steves' books. A gold ring was dropped and we were asked if it was ours. When we said no, the person who picked it up said they would sell it to us for a small price--half of what we could get at a jeweler's. When we said no again, he shrugged and went on his way. This actually happened to us twice in the same day.

A tourist needs to be aware. If something is too good to be true it is. Take care of your valuables and don't carry them around with you if you are on tour. There is an article I happened upon that has some great advice. One of the tidbits was to carry a "mugger's wallet," a wallet that has an old credit card, a minimal amount of money and maybe a business card or two from somewhere. If you are held up, you give the mugger the wallet and take off. He thinks he's scored and your real valuables are in a front pocket safe and sound.

If you are a little uncertain about traveling in foreign places, you might want to take a look at the article--Staying Safe In Port.

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