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Friday, January 04, 2019

Where The Dolphins Play

The Florida Bay is where the real dolphins play--and not with a football. The other day we were standing on our lanai and looking out at the kayak/paddle board traffic when all of a sudden we realized they were all stopped. All around them the water was churning. We watched with fascination.

There must have been a half a dozen dolphins either feeding or playing with the pelicans. The dolphins would swim to one spot and the pelicans would scramble to catch up hoping that the dolphins would scare up some easy catches for them. Just about the time the pelicans would settle, the dolphins would swim back to another spot and the ever hopeful pelicans would take to the air again.

The whole scenario played out for a good twenty minutes but by the time I was able to get to the dock to take video the fun had moved further down the shoreline and I think the pelicans were worn out. They didn't seem to be catching up to the speedy dolphins.

While I didn't get this activity recorded, last year I caught the dolphins playing with their food. We watched on keep tossing his fish and catching it again. Here's that video.

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