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Thursday, January 24, 2019

What Makes Florida Sunsets So Beautiful?

Sunsets, and sunrises for that matter, are very beautiful. God's creative handiwork seems to be even more amazing in the Florida sunsets we see. His science behind them tell us that the colors are created by the sun's rays directed at the particles in the atmosphere are at a different angle in the morning and the evening.

Why do Florida sunsets seem more beautiful? Maybe it's because when we are in Florida we take more time to look at them. Of course the reflection on the waters in and about Florida help as well to expand the explosion of color. In winter the sunsets are even more likely to be colorful because there is less humidity in the air--at least according to one of the local weathermen.

Whatever the science or explanations or miracles behind them, it's a joy to end the day with anticipation of a masterpiece painted in the skies on the horizon. Wherever you are, take time to enjoy them.

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