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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What Do You Do With Your Cruise Card?

You present your cruise documents to the smiling agent behind the counter and she hands you a plastic card that resembles your credit card or drivers license. It's your key to everything for your cruise--boarding the ship, opening your stateroom door, charging purchases on board (those will eventually show up on your bill), and on some ships the way you reserve seats in a show or a table at the specialty restaurants. And what do you do with it?

I hold it in my hand until we've passed the photographer and boarded the ship. Once on board, it goes in my back pocket. That's usually where it stays only to come out to be used or placed in the designated spot in the stateroom so that I'm not looking all over for it before I leave the room again.

Some cruise lines offer a little flip wallet type holder that has a small map of the ship tucked into one side and you can tuck your cruise card into the other side. But even that I keep tucked in my back pocket or my small travel purse when I need to have a purse on shore. Why? It's habit and once established hard to break but that's okay. I almost always know where my cruise card is.

Some people like to keep their cards on a lanyard so they are handy and less likely to be left behind somewhere. Some of the lanyards can get quite creative and if you're so inclined, you can get the materials you need at most any craft store--ribbon or beads, a plastic holder for the card and or a clip to hold the card. If you decide to make a lanyard with a clip (or one of those spiral key rings on the end of it) and no plastic holder, you can ask on the ship for your card to be punched so that you can hook it on.

If you forget your lanyard, there is usually a gift shop on board that will be selling them.

What ever you decide to do with your cruise card, be sure you are consistent. If you aren't, you'll be spending a lot of time looking for it just like you do those ever elusive keys and glasses.

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