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Monday, January 07, 2019

Robotic Answer to Germaphobia

There have been many reports online and on TV about places we stay when we travel not being truly clean. I remember vividly the video my daughter-in-law pointed out that was taken of a hotel maid wiping out the drinking glass with the same rag she'd used to clean the bathroom. I've only used paper cups since then.

Another daughter-in-law after an experience with bedbugs at a vacation rental, has often mentioned how to check for them. (I'm guessing my sons take these things in stride. So happy the wives look out for them.)

I've never thought too much about the sheets on the bed. I realize assuming makes an. . .well, you know the saying, but I've always assumed the sheets have been changed and they are fresh. Along comes a Rosen report from NBC that says, hold on, maybe not. Sheets were sprayed with invisible inik of some sort and the crew checked out of the room. Another crew checked into the room as new guests after it had been "cleaned" and ran an infrared light over the sheet to find the words "not clean" that the other crew had left.

Along comes the Cleansebot to the rescue. Thanks to a FB friend, I discovered this little gadget that apparently is taking off. The Kickstarter I saw had over $170,000 dollars, well past their goal. Is Shark Tank next? But I digress.

The Cleansebot is a small portable device that you can set lose between the covers on your bed and using UV rays, it will cleanse away any nasty bacteria lurking there. There is also a hand held extension that will let you sanitize those TV remotes and phones, etc. in the room.

So I guess if you are truly worried about such things, there is a solution. I'm not sure I'm ready--and no, it doesn't get rid of bedbugs.

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