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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ohio's Castle

Palaces and Castles abound abroad in Europe and Russia and many other countries. In America many of our large mansions could probably qualify as being labeled palaces or castles. One in particular just outside Cincinnati, OH, in Loveland was built as an actual castle by a man named Harry Delos Andrews.

Andrews was a World War I veteran who enlisted in the service as a medic because he did not like the weapons of "modern day" warfare. He would rather the war be fought on a more personal level as in the medieval days of knights with sword to sword combat.

After a long bout with meningitis and a failed engagement to be married, he became active with the scouts. His troop began camping out on some land that was donated and when the tents and equipment his troop had established on the land was lost to weather and vandals, he decided his troop needed some "stone tents." He built two structures on the land from stone.

Troops in the day were given names like bears, lions, etc. Andrews troop was known as the Knights of the Golden Trail in keeping with his love of medieval lore. Eventually Andrews decided to build a caste for his knights and the Lovelenad Castle came to be in the 1920s.

Today the castle is still guarded by the Knights of the Golden Trail. Scout troops are allowed to book a stay overnight at the castle and there are tours of the castle and its gardens for the public. Check out the details at the Loveland Castle site.

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