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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Afternoon Tea and Scones--Cunard's Best

I love scones! We were introduced to them on our first cruise on Cunard. During the COVID shutdown, many of the cruise lines have been sharing some of their best dishes, desserts, and beverages. Not long ago, Cunard shared their recipe for their signature scones. Of course nothing beats going to the Queen's Lounge, sitting at a white linen covered table with gleaming silverware and being served tea and scones by white gloved waiters. Oh, and then there's the background music, usually of a stringed quartet. Okay, so I'm craving a cruise.

Here is the link if you are interested: Cunard Scones  The link also includes a history of how afternoon tea began in the UK. It dates back to 1662!

By the way, there is a scones mix found usually in the aisle with the pancake mixes (available locally at Heinen's) that I've made. I'm a lazy cook. I admit it. The mix is not as good but I can make a smaller amount with it since I'm only serving two of us--and not wearing white gloves.

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