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Thursday, June 04, 2020

July 12, 1992==Hiking Dunk Island

[I would love to return to Dunk Island but I am sure it would not be the same 28 years later. Sometimes it's better to just keep the memories. There have been other places we've returned to and found them not as wonderful as we thought on the first visit. I think maybe the joy of discovery in new places and things can't be revisited.]

Sunday, July 12, 1992

               Into every vacation, a little rain must fall. It makes our hike through the rest of the island’s rainforest a little eerie. The restaurant has packed

us a picnic and we stop by one of the beaches to eat when the misty rain has subsided. The rest of our hike shows us huge vines traveling up into the canopy above us out of sight. The roots above the ground at the base of the trees have a distinct right angle. We have been told that the Aborigines make their boomerangs from these roots.

              Large nests made of mulch from the forest floor rise 6-8 feet high. They are built by wild turkeys that we occasionally see scuffling through the trees. The heat generated by the decaying mulch keeps the unattended eggs warm.

              We keep an eye out for cockatoos and parrots but hear more than we see. The rain gets heavier as we return. 

Our entertainment for the afternoon is provided by a peacock that almost struts right inside our room.

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