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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

July, 1996

Continuing with some posts about past travel adventures before the digital age of cameras, our trip to Grand Cayman in 1996 included our first jet ski experience. It was my first and last. I did not enjoy it at all. Bob has since gone several times with our grandson and has had fun. Me? I'd rather hold their towels and wait for them on the shore.

The trip also included an excursion we booked with Captain Marvin. It included snorkeling, a look at the stingrays and lunch on a beach. The crew took us to an area where there were quite a few conchs. 

If you could hold your breath while snorkeling, you could dive down and grab a conch. We weren't too successful but others made up for us. 

The conchs were pulled onboard and Captain Marvin cleaned them and marinated the conch in his special marinade then when we were on our way to lunch, he served his special appetizer on crackers. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but the first taste hooked me. 

Our lunch was delicious and while we ate, the crew cleaned the shells so that we could take one with us if we wanted. 

Surprisingly, I looked to see if Captain Marvin was still operating. He was an older gentleman when we went with him and that was 24 years ago. The operation was taken over by his son and nephew. The last mention of Captain Marvin is of his 95th birthday in 2011. 

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