"" Writer's Wanderings: Through My Lens--Hinckley Lake Loop Trail

Monday, June 22, 2020

Through My Lens--Hinckley Lake Loop Trail

Looking for things to do outdoors that can give us some exercise and get us out of our house, we decided to do the 3.1 mile trail around Hinckley Lake at the Hinckley Reservation, home of the buzzards that return each March.

 It was a great day. Warmish, no rain and the freshness of spring. I meant to keep track of how long it took us but I forgot to look at my watch. I'm guessing about an hour and a half, maybe a little more. We weren't concerned about time. 

Oh, and just a little reminder. Always check the battery on you camera before you tote it on your hike and discover halfway through that it's dead. Thank goodness for my iPhone camera.

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