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Monday, June 08, 2020

July 14, 1992--Magnetic Island

[Magnetic Island is named "magnetic" because as James Cook was passing by his compass was affected. There have been lots of studies done to determine what may have caused it but nothing was determined. The island adventure though remains my most fascinating encounter with butterflies.]

Tuesday, July 14, 1992

               Magnetic Island, just off the shore from Townsville, should be renamed Butterfly Island.

Brilliant blue butterflies are everywhere as thick as clusters of gnats. It reminds me of a Disney film where the butterflies flutter around the heroine.

              The sea is too rough to be able to snorkel. We tour the island instead in a rented Suzuki jeep. Along one trail we explore, Rob tells us to look up from the path. In a tree just above our heads is a koala.

Not quite as pretty as the ones that are well fed and groomed at the wildlife park.

              Low tide gives an opportunity to explore the exposed beach and rocks. Little tidal pools offer interesting activity with blue crabs and small fish. We watch boat owners whose sailboats have now rested in the sand, hulls exposed, scrape accumulations of growth from the ocean off of the wooden hulls.

[We didn't know Australia had an open policy on nudity on the beaches. There wasn't a lot but the example of it here took me by surprise when a guy came strutting out of the water and I realized there wasn't even a Speedo. All of us kept our eyes straight ahead.}

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