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Monday, June 29, 2020

Going To The Keys? Pack a Mask!

We left Key Largo just before they completely closed the Keys off to visitors in March. The residents of Monroe County were calling for that to happen and had protesters at the bridge into Key Largo (the entry to the Keys) telling visitors to turn around. Things were beginning to shut down and we decided to leave a little earlier than we'd planned as we weren't sure of what we would encounter on our drive home.

While in Key Largo we enjoy worshiping at First Baptist Church Key Largo. They have been live streaming for a few years now so it was probably a little easier to slip into virtual church for them. We have gotten into the habit of watching them just before we join our home church's live stream. Recently we were surprised to see everyone in the praise team as well as the pastor with a mask on. What had changed, we wondered?

Monroe County legislated masks. The new law requires masks to be worn anywhere in public there is a roof overhead and what's more, there is a $500 fine for not wearing one. These people are serious about protecting their community. 

If you would like to read the whole thing, it's here at the Monroe County COVID-19 Information page

The penalties are described in the ordinance which you can read at this link: Monroe County Face Mask 

The ordinance is in effect through June 2021 and will be reviewed quarterly should conditions in the spread of COVID improve. 

With COVID cases spiking once again, and especially in states like Florida, I wonder if more communities will respond in similar manner. Obviously with the opening of so many venues and businesses, large gatherings are becoming more frequent and from what we have observed just in our local shopping malls, the youngsters (I use that term loosely) are not taking precautions, either with masks or distancing. Who knows what the future will hold?

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