"" Writer's Wanderings: July 13, 1992--James Cook University

Friday, June 05, 2020

July 13, 1992--James Cook University

Eucalyptus trees
[Australian food was good. We had a wonderful seafood buffet at Dunk Island (which included "bugs"--a type of crab), enjoyed meat pies, and Bob especially liked the large slice of beet that they added to their hamburgers. Rob had complained that Townsville "rolled up the sidewalks" after 6PM and there wasn't much to do. He managed to fill in the gap by finding a slot in the local radio station programming and DJed some Christian music. All part of building to his calling of starting CALLFM in Florida.]

Monday, July 13, 1992


Even though a misty rain is still falling, I feel sad leaving our island paradise. Now in a rental car again, we stop in Ingham for lunch. Rob insists we try a meat pie. He’s grown fond of the meat filled biscuit-like sandwich.

             Skies clear as we near Townsville and the James Cook University. Rob takes us on a quick tour of the campus which has quite a smell of eucalyptus from all the trees in the center of campus.

We get to see his dorm. His room is screened but there are little lizards that manage to invade. He tells us he throws a book down on the floor to scatter them before he gets out of bed at night. 

Down the hall we see the community bathroom. It’s a co-ed dorm and a little distracting for him to have a pretty girl brushing her teeth in the sink next to him (or so he tells us).     

Rob directs us to Castle Hill in the center of town where we watch another picture postcard sunset.

[The sunset picture is not from Castle Hill. I think it is from Dunk Island but just a sample of the glorious Australian sunsets.]

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