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Friday, June 12, 2020

July, 1996--A Romantic Getaway

We must have stopped at Grand Cayman on one of our cruises and that enticed us to return. Bob booked us a room at the Westin on 7 Mile Beach, the long stretch of beach on the west side of the island where all the major hotels are located. It was one of the most romantic getaways we've ever had.

The room was amazing although the thing I remember most was the bathroom which was all done in pink marble. The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful with graceful arched walkways, an outdoor restaurant, and a spectacular view of the waters of the Caribbean. 

It was the first time we'd ever seen a swimming pool with a swim-up bar and stools in the water to sit on while you finished your drink. I do remember that there were sporadic rain clouds that would sweep across and drop just enough rain to scatter people from around the pool. We laughed as we stayed in the water. We were wet anyway and there was no lightening to cause alarm.

I can't remember what we had for dinner other than it was at a table with a view and must have been very good or I would have remembered a bad experience. What is etched in my mind is the walk we took afterward on the beach after the sun set. I remember removing my sandals and holding the skirt of my dress up a bit with one hand as I held Bob's with the other and walked at the water's edge. The moon glistened on the water and a warm gentle breeze blew my hair slightly. Sigh. Nice memory.

Still, romance or not there were more adventures to be had. . . 

[This was before the digital age so these are photos of my photos. Some better than others.]

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