"" Writer's Wanderings: July 10, 1992--Learning To Snorkel

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

July 10, 1992--Learning To Snorkel

[While I enjoyed hiking, the snorkeling lesson given us by our son was the beginning of a love of exploring the beautiful world beneath the sea.]

Friday, July 10, 1992

              Dunk Island is covered with a rainforest. We walk the cool, slightly damp, wooded path two kilometers to the top of Mt. Kataloo. Looking down we can see clearly the surrounding reef areas through the crystal water.

              A two-man hobie cat provides an exciting sail around the bay area of the island. To finish a perfect afternoon, we sign out snorkeling gear and Rob gives us our first lesson in snorkeling.

              At first I fight the idea of breathing through a tube. I struggle to breathe. My natural inclination is to hold my breath. A swarm of small colorful fish swim beneath me and, lost in the beauty, I relax, breathe easily, and begin to enjoy the unusual surroundings. Suddenly the sand beneath me stirs and a small stingray skitters off. I never realized how colorful they are.


   Certainly God has blessed this place with a special beauty and grace, I think as we watch a glorious sunset together. In the stillness, it seems as if even the wind held its breath in awe.


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