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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ah, The Perks Of A Grand Voyage

 Last night we came back to our room to find that our stateroom attendant had left us a bag of goodies on our bed. There was heavy duty beach bag, two caps, a pretty scarf, two leather bound notebooks with pens and a waterproof blue tooth speaker. Guess I can take Kenny G to the beach with me.

Bob has stopped grumbling about his hair. The salon was open and he got a nice cut albeit a bit pricey when you consider what he spends at home. One of the nice things though is that we got a lot of onboard credits with our booking between Crystal and our travel agency so we figured all the haircuts and nail appointments should be taken care of with that.

The original brochure also listed free laundry service but I haven't seen anything yet to confirm that. Not a big deal since the free self service laundry is just down the hall and all the soap and softener is free as well. 

There are now rumors that we may be skipping Cartagena in several days. It's not a big deal at least to us but the cruise director mentioned that it's driving the excursion people crazy. One day it's on, another it's off. We were only to be there a few hours and we've been there several times before. While the old town is interesting there aren't many other places to go on your own.

Bob went to a golf clinic to try to learn how to hit a golf ball. He doesn't want to take up golf, just wants to be able to do better at Top Golf when we get home.

I spent most of the day reading and resting, trying to get past this head cold. The nice thing is that the lectures are close circuit televised to the ship so if you don't want to attend in person, you can watch from your room. I did that to learn more about Progeso, Mexico, which is our port for tomorrow. Since we are really not interested in Chichen Itza, the Mayan ruins, we were happy to note that there is a nice boardwalk to enjoy along the shore of Progreso.

[There have been some significant changes to our voyage. I will post tomorrow. The internet has not been cooperative.]

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