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Saturday, January 08, 2022

From Somewhere In The Atlantic

 There's a Herman's Hermit's song, Henry The VIII, I Am, that has a line, "Second verse, same as the first." You could almost say that about our second day at sea. Sunny, breezy and warm. Bob worked on his Paddle Tennis skills and continued to make friends. I worked on my novel and actually got a couple hundred more words written. It's a slow start but I'm sure it will begin to flow once I'm done relaxing so much--or not.

With so few passengers onboard, the venues are never crowded. Lots of space around the pool to lounge mask free since it's outdoors. We almost have a schedule established although it will change with our port stops coming up. It includes a coffee break at the Bistro at two in the afternoon. We've missed the afternoon teas because of my art class and Bob's paddle tennis but I eat less at the Bistro so that's a plus. They offer scones with jam and cream and I can pass on all the other little goodies. The ship features Julius Meinl coffees and teas. I love the Vanilla Cinnamon Dream tea and would buy it for home if I could find it online.

After treating myself to some reading time, I went to my art class which was a lesson in watercolor wash. I've never done a lot with watercolors in the past. They are hard to control and more difficult than acrylics or oils. It's been fun learning the medium all over again. We did a sunset which had me reminiscing about all the beautiful sunsets in Florida we are usually seeing this time of year. We did see a green flash the first night as we watched the sunset from the ship. We were close enough to the water level that it was visible. Clouds shrouded this night's sunset.

There were no clouds shrouding the comedy of John Joseph in the Galaxy Theater however. After a nice dinner of short ribs for me and lamb chops for Bob, we spent the hour in the theater laughing. I love that he doesn't resort to the raunchy side of humor that many comedians do just to get a laugh. He had us laughing at ourselves and life in general. 

Always nice to have some direction when
you do your morning walk.

We went to bed anticipating the day to come in Road Town, Tortola. We have a snorkeling excursion planned. Now if my knees will just cooperate. . .

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