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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Gotta Get The Stone Crab


Our second of three "precruise" days found us making a trip to Key Largo where we usually spend our winter months. Our first stop was to see our friends at the Pickleball court. We masked up and stayed behind the fence as we visited briefly while everyone wished us well on our cruise.

A few laps around the Key Largo park to get some exercise and we set off to briefly stop at the condo complex where we usually stay. It was pretty quiet and we only saw a couple of people out and about. We walked around and moved on to the Harry Harris park in Tavernier to take another short walk around and enjoy the sun and breeze and the water.

Finally it was time for the treat of the day--Stone Crab. 'Tis the season and we didn't want to miss out on one of our favorite Florida meals. We stopped at the Key Largo Fisheries Backyard Cafe. It's outdoor dining and you can get the stone crab in the market where they will crack it for you and then you can get your cole slaw, mustard sauce and drinks at the cafe window outside. Now the last couple of years we discovered that there is a class of crab called Uglies. Usually the stone crab comes in three sizes--jumbo, large and medium. So are the prices for these ranging from $61 to $34/ lb. If you ask for the Uglies, which are just not quite the quality in looks as the regular claws, you can get a delicious meal for a lot less. We got a mixture of claws (about 8) for under $20. They taste just as good as the expensive ones and the wallet feels a lot better. Be aware that they are not always available.

Satisfied, we drove back to our Homestead hotel and sat by the pool researching more about our cruise and the latest news which was good and bad. More outbreaks among crew, future cruise credits for canceling, and encouragement from those who were going to board anyway. We are soldiering on. 

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