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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

St Kitts--Almost The Old Caribbean Atmosphere

 As our ship pulled into port in the morning, we noticed that we had lots of company. There were three other ships docked as well. Given that St. Kitts did not have the strict rules of where cruise passengers could go, it was going to be an interesting morning walk for us.

While we ate breakfast in the dining room, the ship was still maneuvering into its dock space. The side thrusters were churning up the water and suddenly to my surprise, I saw the fin of a dolphin who was hoping for an easy breakfast catch in the churning waters. He surfaced several times before he was gone again when the thrusters were done.

There were no temperature checks as we left the dock area and entered the town of Basseterre. Everyone was masked though and there were reminders to sanitize hands and keep a mask on. At this point in time, people might want to keep a mask on just to hide a facial tan line (*smile*).

A beautiful morning with lots of sun and a nice breeze. As we walked past shops, the sales people were handing out coupons for freebies if you come in and look. Taxi and tour drivers were out with their signs and chants of "Need a ride? Tours for only $20!" Ah, it was almost the same old Caribbean that we knew from the past. 

Basseterre has a historic area that was a bit away from the frenzy of the shopping area. We discovered a map of a walking tour online and printed it to find our way around. The historic buildings are really quite nice and different from the usual pinks and turquoise structures that you usually see. 

We found St. George's Church and wandered inside for a moment to enjoy the peace of the sanctuary and the beautiful stained glass windows. Here and there around what was called Independence Square we found other old relics of the past--phone booths. No phones but the booths were still there.

The best part of the morning was the feeling of normalcy again even though we were all in masks. A little hope on the horizon. 

Our afternoon was spent leisurely and with another art class. The class painted fish and learned a stamping technique with watercolors. Then we dressed early for dinner so that we could go up to the

Palm Court and watch the sunset. We love sunsets especially over the water.

Dinner was special. It was in our favorite specialty restaurant, Umi Uma, that features Japanese cuisine. Sushi, sashimi, mushroom soup and the specialty of the house, Nobu Style Black Cod followed by chocolate mousse and sesame ice cream (I took my chances with the dairy.)

Our entertainment for the night was a ventriloquist/comedian who kept us laughing for forty-five minutes. A short walk around the Promenade Deck and we were in for the night. We weren't due to sail until ten since we would only be going a short distance to St. Barth's. The port lecturer we heard said it's the Caribbean playground of the rich and famous. Should be interesting.

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