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Monday, January 31, 2022

On Our Way To Bimini?

 The most current plan is now to arrive in Bimini in the Bahamas, disembark, ferry to Fort Lauderdale, bus to Miami where we are given a hotel room and then in the morning, transported to the Fort Lauderdale airport for our flight home. That's the plan. Our waiter at breakfast, with his wry sense of humor that matches Bob's, winks and says, "So far so good. But maybe I see you at dinner." He laughs as he goes off to get our oatmeal.

It is rumored that the sister ship, Symphony, now anchored off Bimini tried to get fuel at Freeport but were denied. Again, rumor. No factual report. If all goes well as planned today, our uncertainty will end but unfortunately the crew is still left to wonder what will happen. That sense of humor may very well get dark.

Yesterday was the crummiest day we have had in our 25 cruise days. Skies were gray and it rained off and on all day and turned cold--Caribbean cold, in the 60s. The bright spot of the day though was one of the Bistro servers made a special request for Bob's macaroons that he kept looking for each afternoon. We got a special plate delivered to us. Another beautiful surprise was the sky clearing just enough to see a glorious sunset.

Today though the sun is shining even though it is still chilly and as I write this we can see Bimini on the horizon. Not sure if we can make out the Symphony yet but I'm sure we'll be near it and probably hear some ship's greeting with horns. 

Our luggage is on it's way down below decks where it will be stacked with the others and wrapped on pallets for transport to the ferry and on to FL. From the Symphony's passengers' experience we can expect delays and confusion when we pick up our luggage. Or perhaps they have figured that out better. Whatever the case, it is going to be a late night.

We leave the ship between five and six and board the ferry by seven for the two hour trip to FL. The ferry is expected to arrive about 9 and by the time we get our luggage, board a bus and get dropped at the hotel, I'm guessing it will be midnight at best. Then probably an early morning trip to the airport in Fort Lauderdale for our noon flight. 

The crew could not be kinder especially considering the uncertainty in their lives. Our sweet little stateroom attendant said they are all going to be out in the halls today even though they don't need to change over rooms for new guests. They want to say goodbye to everyone. And if you are thinking that is just to get tips, don't. Most of them got their extra tips when we thought we were getting off in Aruba. 

So, that's it for now. If anything changes, I will post again. The adventure continues--at least for another day. 

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