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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Somewhere Between Here And There


And the saga continues.

We awoke this morning wondering what the day would bring, certain of one thing and that was it would be a sea day. Yesterday's time spent at the salon was successful and this morning I went back for a mani-pedi. The salon crew is in a better position than the wait staff and housekeeping in this current situation of the cruise line shutdown. They are hired from a company that supplies staffing for the salons on ships therefore they will most likely be reassigned to another cruise line and ship. The same for the guy who takes care of the fitness center according to what he told Bob. But that leaves a lot of other people with an uncertain future.

The morning destination lecture was all about Puerto Limon and Colon and the San Blas Islands. As it stands now, we will be in Limon tomorrow and the next day. Then we skip Colon and the San Blas. That's disappointing in that we really wanted to go to the visitor center at the Panama Canal from Colon. We've been through the canal several times but were hoping to see the new locks or at least a different view of the passage through the locks.

Here's the new haircut and nails. Not
giving you a picture of the pedicure.

Captain Giske sounded weary as he gave his noon report today. With a sigh he told us that the reason we couldn't go to Jamaica was because we owed too much money and hadn't paid the bills. I guess I'm surprised that the whole rest of the cruise isn't just called off and we head to whatever port will let us disembark. With another sigh and almost under his breath, he said that the ship was almost "arrested" (a maritime law term) in Cozumel. We did leave a half hour early from there but I don't know if that had anything to do with it. My son was joking about the repo man chasing us. I don't think he's too far from the truth. 

Considering the unpaid fuel bills that I have heard could be as much as $5 million, I would love to glimpse the fuel gauge on the ship. We still have a ways to go to get us to Curacao and then to Aruba. Perhaps that is why we are overnighting in Costa Rica and then Curacao. Less fuel needed? After all, who's going to sell us fuel on a promise to pay? And/or, is there any extra money to fill the tank with?

Meanwhile, we will continue to enjoy the sunny days and warm weather until we once again have to don heavy jackets and boots. Bob is getting plenty of Paddle Tennis in and I'm getting some reading done. I'll leave the novel writing until I get home and can concentrate on it. 

Marcin, our favorite waiter, photo bombing our
picture. He has been a delight.

I neglected to mention in my previous post that we had an outstanding performer last night for showtime, CeCe Teneal. She sang tribute songs of Aretha Franklin and had the whole theater on their feet and dancing in the aisles. Tonight's show was a repeat of the Icons. It was good even a second time around.

More and more we hear crew speculating about the future especially the near future. Payday is the first of the month. Will they see a pay check and will it be good? My heart goes out to them.

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