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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Settling Into A Sea Day

 This morning's walk was a challenge. The seas are not rough but the wind made it quite an exercise. The starboard side was like walking uphill and the port side was like running down it. Getting around the bow of the ship was like being in a wind tunnel. Not a morning for any light weights. They would blow over the side.

We have looked forward to the protestant chaplain who was on our 2015 World Cruise and was to be here for the Grand Voyage that is not happening now. He gave the first of his morning devotionals this morning and we joined the small group. I love that he highlights the old hymns and gives the background for them, how they were inspired and a little about the life of the writer. He said he looked forward to seeing us on Sunday for whatever time the service was scheduled. I guess everything is in a bit of flux on the ship. He laughed and said he had prepared his sermon ahead of arriving on the ship and titled it "Surprise!" In light of the situation, it should be interesting.

Today was Asian cuisine at the buffet. Would have loved some more sushi but I'd had a big breakfast and wasn't very hungry. I did have some really good Thai curry coconut soup with veggies and some jasmine rice pudding with a sweet raspberry sauce.

After a lecture on the British Crown Jewels which we've had the privilege to see on one of our trips to London, I got up the courage to make a hair appointment. I don't normally get a haircut and color professionally, well haircut yes but it's been years since I've gotten professional color. He was very meticulous and I was very careful to hold my mask in place. When I did have to cough, he laughed and said, "It's okay. The virus and I are good friends." Then he apologized and said that wasn't funny. I thought it was. It certainly broke the ice. So now I am wearing a new bob and a beautiful new color on my hair, not too different than the usual but certainly much more nicely done. Thank goodness though for onboard credits. All I can say is cha-ching!

While I was in the chair, the captain came over the PA to announce that we are now closed out of Jamaica. I'm beginning to wonder if the comment I saw online about the financial situation is a part of it. Someone thought that we couldn't return to Miami and had to disembark passengers at Aruba because Miami was afraid of not getting paid for the port fees which would be substantial. Hmmm. Turns out that there is a lawsuit pending in the States against the Crystal ship the Symphony for non payment of fuel charges for over 3.5 million dollars reportedly. They will "arrest the ship" according to maritime law so that ship is ending its cruise in Bimini where the parent company owns the large resort there and the passengers will go by ferry to Fort Lauderdale from Bimini. Makes us wonder what may happen to us. 

Our itinerary seems to be in flux. We are still scheduled to stop in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica but now we are overnight. And as we checked our itinerary on our phone app, it has changed to an overnight stay in Curacao as well. That hasn't been confirmed yet but it looks like the two stops in Jamaica and the one in the San Blas islands are scrapped. It is an ever-changing adventure to be sure.

On the positive side, one of the things I love about the Caribbean area is the amazing clouds you see. It was always one of the fascinating things to observe when we went diving in Grand Cayman all those years. Instead of the thick overcast cloudy and gray skies back home, the clouds here form columns and shapes and when the sun lights them up just right they are breathtaking. I'm going to miss seeing more of them.

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