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Friday, January 28, 2022

Sunshine In A Bottle

It's corny. I know but if I could actually bring home some of this beautiful sunshine, I would. In light of the blizzard that is about to hit the east coast, some sunshine would certainly be helpful. We are hoping that the storm will not be as bad as predicted and move through quickly before we are due to fly into Dulles on our way home.

The usual sea day today. Funny how things can become routine. A morning walk, Paddle Tennis, Golf Clinic, reading, writing, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Turns out that the crew's joke about a BBQ will come to be a reality if the information we got is correct. According to the waiters, a couple of passengers are providing the crew with the BBQ after the guests all disembark.

It was a bit of a rough sea day. The wind kicked in pretty strong in the early afternoon for a time and actually whistled through our sliding door making it sound like we were at home, listening to the winter wind howl. We opened the door and closed it again and that fixed the noise. Walking around the deck though was a challenge and we quit early. I find I get plenty of steps in just during the day getting from one place to the other.

Some of our time was spent dreaming about our newly booked cruise aboard the Eurodam in March. We explored the deck plans and read up on some of the activities, etc. Bob even reserved dinner at the Tamarind (the Asian restaurant) for one night. Looking forward to that cruise will help us get through the month of snow and cold at home. Bob found some information about the capacity of the ship and while it didn't actually state how many guests there would be, it did say that there was still about 85% of the rooms available to book. Hopefully the cruise industry is going to survive this slide although Crystal may not be the only casualty.

We spent some time packing the clothes we haven't even worn yet. Since our Grand Voyage was to take us to Europe in the early spring, we had packed some things for the cooler weather we expected there. There were some new clothes we bought for the trip that we haven't even cut the tags off of yet. We didn't plan to come home to cold weather so we'll be wearing quite a few layers that will be added on along the way home. Hopefully, the driveway will still be plowed at midnight. Our house watcher sent Bob a picture of the snow in our front yard.
13+ " of snow

Another time change will come tonight. Aruba is on Atlantic time which is an hour ahead of EST so we will lose an hour again and not gain it until we're on our way home. Nothing like messing with the sleep cycle.

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