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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just A Little Blue Dot in The Sea

 While COVID protocols are still in place, conversation has definitely moved off that subject on the ship. Speculation is high about there being interested investors who may actually purchase the cruise line and was fueled even more by talk of keeping the crew on, although I'm not sure that is more than a skeleton crew to keep the ship maintenance up. Whatever the case, it appears that the crew will be compensated. That's good.

Sea's were a little rougher today than the calm we had yesterday. Wind has kicked up some and I wonder if that's a sign of things to come. Looking out, we can't see any land mass but the map shows where we are. Two more days at sea before we see Aruba.

The cruise director, Rick Spath, has had his hands full trying to come up with activities and entertainment. Since we missed several ports and now have these four sea days, there was a lot of rescheduling, trying to get entertainers connected with the ship. One entertainer had a rough four hour drive from San Jose, Costa Rica, to our ship in Puerto Limon and that was after several connections that had to be made for plane flights. New lecturers have not come aboard and I think we are running out of topics there. Lots of fitness and spa lectures have been scheduled but do I really want to learn about acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies? Hmm.

I still have a few books in my Kindle I haven't read and Bob is still busy with his Paddle Tennis and Golf. Our evenings are very nice though. We usually try to catch the sunset which is now at the back of the ship but with the time changes we've made, sometimes it's not convenient. 

The Palm Court is always open before dinner with music and drinks and appetizers. They make the cutest little tidbits that are almost always tempting. There is one that is some kind of chewy eggplant that tasted awful and the waiter who hands out the appetizers laughs and tells us what he has is not eggplant each time we ask. 

We had a pleasant surprise in the morning when our phone rang and the call was to tell us they had found an opening for us at the Silk restaurant for dinner. We wanted to have one more meal there before the cruise ends and our dining room waiter had told us the menu for this night was not so good. We suspect he may have had something to do with Silk making room for us.

The best part of this day was the evening's show. In all our cruising years, I don't think we've seen a better show. It was called "Some Enchanted Evening" and was a tribute to Rogers and Hammerstein. They incorporated several of the guest entertainers along with the regular crew of singers and dancers. Quality is the best word I can use. Entertaining, engaging, energetic and so much more. Even the staging which I'm sure had to be done uniquely for this show since from what we heard, it was all put together in a week. In the middle of it all was a beautiful ballet sequence from Carousel. The show ended with everyone on their feet singing Do Re Mi from Sound of Music. Outstanding job!

And now how about a little monkeying around? Finally got my monkey video uploaded.

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